Handy Maintenance Tips to Keeping Your Car Battery in Optimum Condition

As a vehicle owner, there is nothing worse than turning on the ignition and not having your car respond. Nevertheless, this is a situation that you will have to face at one point or another, as car batteries do deplete over time. What you should take note of is not putting your vehicle in situations that would accelerate the draining of your battery or situations that would affect its overall functionality. One of the best ways of doing this is by ensuring you are taking regular maintenance measures that work toward keeping your car battery in tiptop condition. Here are some of the tips that can help you ensure your car battery does not wear out before its time.

Ensure that the car battery terminals are kept clean.

One of the most overlooked areas in your vehicle tends to be the battery terminals. It is recommended to clean these terminals on a regular basis. This is because the more grime and debris accumulated on the terminals, the harder it is for the connector to receive an uninterrupted supply of power. To thoroughly clean these terminals, it is best to use a wire brush that will be able to scrape off any stubborn dirt that has adhered to them. In addition to cleaning the terminals, check to ensure that all the terminals are tightly fitted. This works toward preventing any unnecessary drainage of power.

Ensure the car battery is disconnected when not using your vehicle.

When it comes to keeping your car battery disconnected, it does not mean that all in instances you park your car you should have the battery disconnected. This should only be practiced if you foresee your vehicle will not be in use for an extended period, for instance if you are going out of town and your car will be in storage. Disconnecting the car battery works toward preventing drainage of the battery power. This is because other passive electrical components of your vehicle may be using the battery power, thus leading you to find a dead car battery once you get back. When disconnecting the battery, take note to keep the vehicle’s connector away from the battery just to ensure no power flows between the two.

Ensure that your car battery is secured tightly.

Another mistake most drivers do not notice is a loosely secured car battery. When your car battery is not secure, it means it will jiggle and move around when the car is in use. This puts the battery plates at risk of damage as the car battery is constantly vibrating. This can also eventually lead to the car battery short-circuiting. Carry out regular inspections to ensure that the battery has not moved out of place and that it is firmly secured under the bonnet.

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Author: Cory Anderson

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