Four-Wheel Enhancement: Choosing the Right Type of Lift Kit

Four-wheel trucks are often marketed as vehicles that can navigate off-road conditions and handle rough terrain effectively. Unfortunately, the design of the automotive might not meet your expectations, particularly if you travel frequently in rural areas. If this is your situation, you should consider installing a lift kit in your 4wd truck. Basically, this is a system that is installed beneath the primary structure to give the vehicle greater ride height. The modification will allow the vehicle to navigate bumpy and rocky roads, and it will improve the general appearance of the automotive. Here are the main 4wd lift kit types to consider purchasing for your four-wheel truck.

Body Lift Kit

The body lift kit is an inexpensive choice to consider as a beginner in auto enhancement. This type of system is ideal if you want to install larger tyres and give your truck a more imposing appearance. Basically, the body lift kit consists primarily of spacing components. These are installed between the truck’s bed and cab such that the vehicle body rises in height but the wheels, suspension and even the chassis remain at their original level. This enhancement is favourable because it will not affect the ride quality. Moreover, the suspension geometry is maintained, so you will not need to perform wheel alignment. On the other hand, this lift kit does not provide performance benefits apart from tyre clearance.

Suspension Lift Kit

The suspension lift kit is designed and fabricated to raise the whole suspension system in the vehicle. Therefore, this type will offer you more performance advantages after installation. Generally, the suspension lift can be installed by spacing down the original factory suspension. This means that more clearance will be created by increasing the distance between your truck’s chassis and the axles. Alternatively, the entire factory suspension can be replaced with new lifting components that are designed to elevate the truck’s chassis. The suspension lift kit has many complex components, so the product is expensive to purchase and difficult to install. However, the vehicle can be lifted higher than the body lift, so off-road navigation will be easier.

Levelling Kit

The levelling kit is not per se a standard enhancement lifting system; it is designed to lift only part of the four-wheel truck. Typically, most trucks are built with the rear section significantly higher than the front. This allows convenient accommodation of heavy loads, but the appearance is not favourable. A levelling kit will lift the front vehicle section to match the rear area for better visual impact.

Author: Cory Anderson

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