Three broken car parts that can lower your price when selling your car to Toyota wreckers

If you want a good price from your Toyota wreckers when you decide to part with your steel steed, then you should look under the hood.

The car parts referred to in this article break frequently, so selling a Toyota with them in mint condition can get you much more cash than otherwise.

Brake pads  – The brake pads stop the wheels and halt the car’s motion. These break every 30,000 to 70,000 miles, depending on what model Toyota you have. They are very expensive to replace and to sell, so a wrecker will always pay more for a car with functional brake pads. Replacing rotors and brake pads can cost between several hundred and a thousand dollars, and selling them can make a profit for Toyota wreckers (and for you, when you sell your car to them).

  • Symptoms: grinding, screeching, vibrations when you brake
  • Where to find it: near the wheels, attached to the wheel hubs

Camshaft ā€“ The camshaft contributes to proper engine valve functioning, as well as controlling the airflow in the engine. A non-functional camshaft can heavily drop the selling price of your Toyota. If you’ve not changed your oil regularly and had your cams adjusted periodically, you might want to check under the hood before you start negotiating with your local Toyota wreckers. Camshafts can go for $1000-$3000, so a functional camshaft is a very good negotiation point when selling your car to the wreckers.

  • Symptoms: stalling and stumbling during driving, sudden drop in engine power, ignition troubles, poor mileage
  • Where to find it: below the hood, near the engine; exact positions depends on Toyota model

Transmission ā€“ The two ‘s’ in ‘transmission’ might as well be dollar signs, because a replacement can cost up to $3500. The transmission is the very mechanism that distributes power in your car from the engine to the wheels, making it move. A faulty transmission can lower your selling price to the wreckers by a lot. Likewise, if you need it replaced, it’s much cheaper to get it from a wrecker.

  • Symptoms: car doesn’t go into gear or gears slipping, odd noises in neutral, dragging clutch, liquid dripping, odd noises, grinding and shaking
  • Where to find it: Depends on the model, but usually near the engine.

Consider the state of these parts before selling. If they’re in good condition, lucky you – you get your cash, and they get a second life in another Toyota lover’s car.

Author: Cory Anderson

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